My Story of Becoming an Energy Medicine Practitioner

It’s been quite a journey. I didn’t understand it in the beginning and I don’t think most people do. As a wife and mom of 2 girls, when my youngest was 1.5 years old, I started having strange symptoms radiating all over my body. It became so bad that I went to Urgent Care, got x-rays, a shot and told to go home and rest. So I did and still was in pain weeks later. I was tested for Lyme Disease twice and it came back negative. However, I knew I had it, I just knew it in my bones even though my doctors said no. I was not in a good place for almost a year as I struggled to find answers because doctors dismissed me. Therefore, I had to be my own advocate and find answers. Approximately 70%-80% do not get the ‘Bulls Eye’ rash (those who do l consider lucky). As such, majority of individuals don’t recall ever getting bit; me included. As a result, I trudged on, found a practitioner that was able to help me start my healing process. There was slight improvement (diet change, a million supplements, different protocols) and I had 2 young kids that needed their mom. I could barely walk, in pain all the time and had to quit my part time job.

Moreover, there was still something missing but I didn’t know what. I happened to flipping through a local magazine and came across a small ad about Reiki. I’m talking a very small ad, one that I was meant to find. I had heard of it but didn’t know much about it. I tend to lean toward alternative medicine solutions when acute medicine fails. I did some research, sat on it for awhile, and finally made an appointment. I will never forget that day (as tears fill my eyes while typing this) because something inside me WOKE up. I didn’t understand what was going on inside of me, but I knew it was magical and something I need to do more of. And so I did.

As a matter of fact, I was slowly returning to ME. Therefore I knew that I had to continue this journey and that’s when I decided to become a Reiki Master-Teacher practitioner. I wanted to heal and it had to begin with me, no one else. I have a great support system through family and friends, but ultimately it is my responsibility to work on my healing (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). Once I started putting the pieces together and as time moved on, the shift and the healing began. It’s a lot of work and at times I struggled so much. However, I got through it even when it does gets tough.

Additionally, my healing journey led me to other healing modalities; Integrated Energy Therapy certification, and Munay-Ki Rites and Star Rites and Sound Therapy. I am so thrilled I was led to them. As a person with Lyme Disease and Rheumatoid Arthritis (caused by my friend Lyme), my mission is to heal my body with a combination of clean eating whole foods, herbal teas, resetting my body and mindset, and of course healing sessions.

I still have work to do, but as I continue my unique journey, I am learning what my entire being is capable of. Therefore, I understand the cycles my body goes through; when I have a flare up I can see where and what led to it. I am not cured and would never tell anyone I can cure them. First, I am here to help people find other ways to manage their circumstances. Second, I am not perfect nor seeking perfection because it doesn’t exist. Third, I still make mistakes; like when I eat the wrong things I know will cause a flare up, especially around my moon cycle. Not only is my goal to put Lyme Disease & R/A into remission, but also to have them live in cohabitation with my body. 

It is a lifelong journey. Of course, with the correct tools it will be easier to navigate the rough waters. So I am always learning and trying new things. By feeling my best, my vibration raises which in turn, changes my life for the better. Therefore, it’s about changing my mind so I can change my life in ways I’ve never dreamed of.

As a result, my experience opened my eyes which has helped me learn so much about myself. About how incredibly important it is to bring our bodies into balance as best we can each day. I’ve been inspired by so many people along the way, that I want to bring the knowledge I’ve learned to help others. Together, it takes one tiny step to start the process.  So the rest is up to you and to have faith that wherever your journey takes you, know that it will work.

(All energy healing sessions are spiritual in nature and non-denominational. You are not required to change any religious or spiritual beliefs you may have).


Jennifer Race is a Reiki Master-Teacher & Integrated Energy Therapy practitioner that supports her clients unique healing process and experience. She assists her clients in becoming calm, to gain clarity, and to bring peace within. She is willing to give her best help and promote overall sense of relaxation with energy rejuvenation. Let Jennifer provide holistic healing to REAWAKEN what is already inside you.